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Unique Crumple-Paper Japanese Whiskey Glass

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Elevate Your Whiskey Experience with Our Exquisite Japanese Whiskey Glass - A Symphony of Aesthetics and Functionality

Experience a new realm of elegance and refinement in your whiskey savoring moments with our Japanese Whiskey Glass. Perfectly crafted to embody the rich traditions of Japanese aesthetics, this sophisticated glass is more than a simple barware; it's a work of art.

A Piece of Art - Uniquely Styled Japanese Whiskey Glass:

Every sip from our whiskey glass feels like a tribute to the profound artistry that defines Japanese culture. Its crumple-paper design offers an enchanting, tactile experience that complements the delightful taste of your favorite drink.

Exceptional Quality – Premium Whiskey Glass for the Discerning Drinker:

Our Japanese Whiskey Glass is crafted from high-quality, lead-free crystal glass, designed to preserve the taste and aroma of your drink. Its outstanding clarity allows you to fully appreciate the color and texture of your whiskey.

Elegant Presentation – A Luxury Wooden Box Included:

The whiskey glass comes in a stylish wooden box, amplifying its elegance and making it an ideal gift for any whiskey lover. The box not only ensures secure storage but also elevates the overall presentation.

Versatile Use – Perfect for Whiskey, Wine, and Cocktails:

This exquisite glass isn't limited to just whiskey. Its design and capacity make it perfect for enjoying a variety of beverages, including wine and cocktails, amplifying the aesthetic and sensory experience of any drink.


Material: Crystal Glass
Capacity: 260ml
Shape: Square
Quantity: 1 pcs
Model Number: 321 A


Is the Japanese Whiskey Glass dishwasher safe?

While the high-quality material of the glass can withstand a dishwasher, we recommend hand washing it to maintain its unique crumple-paper design and clarity.

Can this glass be used for beverages other than whiskey?

Absolutely! Our Japanese Whiskey Glass is perfect for a variety of drinks, including wine, cocktails, or even non-alcoholic beverages.

What material is the glass made of?

The Japanese Whiskey Glass is made from high-quality, lead-free crystal glass, ensuring its clarity and durability.

Does the glass come with any packaging?

Yes, the Japanese Whiskey Glass comes in a beautifully crafted wooden box, making it an excellent gift choice and offering secure storage for your glass.

What is the capacity of the Japanese Whiskey Glass?

The glass has been designed to hold the perfect quantity of your favorite drink, offering an optimal sensory experience. Exact capacity details will be provided in the product specifications.

How is the "crumple-paper" design achieved?

The crumple-paper design is achieved through a meticulous glass-making process that reflects the fine craftsmanship and aesthetics of traditional Japanese art.

Does the color or texture of the beverage affect the crumple-paper design?

No, the design of the glass remains unchanged regardless of the beverage. However, the unique design can enhance the visual appeal of your drink, making each sip a delight.

Can the glass be used in formal settings?

Absolutely. The sophisticated design and high-quality material of the Japanese Whiskey Glass makes it appropriate for both casual and formal settings.

Can I order the Japanese Whiskey Glass in bulk?

Please contact our customer service for bulk orders. We'd be delighted to assist you with your request.

Is the glass durable?

Yes, the Japanese Whiskey Glass is crafted from high-quality, lead-free crystal glass, ensuring both its durability and safety for usage.

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