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Fruit Flavoring Oils Aromas Perfect for Homemade Soaps and Candles!

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Fruit Flavoring Oils Aromas DIY-homemade soap

Introducing our exquisite collection of premium fragrance oils, perfect for elevating your DIY-homemade soap and candle projects. Our specially curated set includes 10ml and 100ml bottles of tantalizing scents, each designed to add a burst of delightful aroma to your creations.


  1. Strawberry Bliss: Experience the sweet, juicy essence of freshly picked strawberries that will invigorate your senses.

  2. Mango Magic: Immerse yourself in the tropical allure of succulent mangoes, creating a warm and fruity ambiance.

  3. Watermelon Wave: Refresh your space with the crisp and revitalizing fragrance of juicy watermelon, reminiscent of a summer breeze.

  4. Pineapple Paradise: Transport yourself to a tropical paradise with the zesty and tropical notes of ripe pineapple.

  5. Apple Delight: Embrace the crisp, orchard-fresh scent of ripe apples, adding a touch of sweetness to your creations.

  6. Grape Infusion: Indulge in the rich and fruity aroma of luscious grapes, creating a luxurious and comforting atmosphere.

  7. Coconut Dream: Drift away to a serene island with the exotic and creamy fragrance of coconut, perfect for a relaxing ambiance.

Key Attributes:

  • High-Quality: Crafted with precision, our fragrance oils ensure a premium quality that enhances the overall sensory experience.

  • Versatile: Ideal for DIY enthusiasts, these oils are perfect for soap and candle making, allowing you to personalize your creations with your favorite scents.

  • Long-Lasting: The concentrated formula ensures a long-lasting fragrance that will linger, creating a welcoming environment.

  • Easy to Use: With convenient 10ml and 100ml bottles, these fragrance oils are easy to measure and incorporate into your projects.

Transform your DIY-homemade soaps and candles into aromatic masterpieces with our Strawberry, Mango, Watermelon, Pineapple, Apple, Grape, and Coconut Fragrance Oils. Elevate your crafting experience with these delightful scents, turning every moment into a fragrant celebration.

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