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Rhombus Whiskey Ice Ball Mould

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Revolutionize Your Beverages with Our Premium Ice Ball Mold

Meet your new essential home bar accessory – our state-of-the-art Ice Ball Mold. This safe PP frozen ice cube tray boasts a unique rhombus whiskey ice ball design, enhancing every sip with style and sophistication. It's more than just an ice maker; it's the embodiment of luxury, functionality, and convenience.

Unparalleled Quality and Safety

Crafted from safe PP (Polypropylene) material, our ice ball mold guarantees durability and safety, offering you peace of mind with every sip. PP material is renowned for its heat resistance, ensuring that your ice balls stay pristine longer.

Unique Rhombus Design

Move over regular ice cubes! Our ice ball mold features a unique rhombus design, giving your beverages a touch of class. The rhombus shape ensures slow melting, keeping your drinks chilled for longer without watering them down.

Multi-purpose Ice Tray

This isn't just for whiskey lovers! Use this versatile ice tray for anything from creating flavoured ice for cocktails, freezing baby food, making chocolate treats, and more. Your culinary creativity is the limit.

Effortlessly Flexible

Struggling to get ice out of the tray is a thing of the past. Our ice ball molds are designed to be flexible, ensuring a smooth and effortless release every time.

Perfect for Any Occasion

Whether it's a summer BBQ, a dinner party, or a quiet night in, our Ice Ball Mold adds a dash of elegance and convenience to any occasion.


What is the Ice Ball Mold made from?

The Ice Ball Mold is made from safe and durable Polypropylene (PP) material.

What makes the rhombus design special?

The rhombus design ensures slow melting of the ice, keeping your beverages chilled for longer periods without watering them down.

Can I use this ice tray for purposes other than making ice?

Absolutely! You can use this versatile tray for freezing baby food, creating flavored ice for cocktails, or even making chocolate treats.

How do I remove the ice from the mold?

Our Ice Ball Mold is designed to be effortlessly flexible for a smooth and easy release every time.

Can I use this Ice Ball Mold for occasions other than whiskey tasting?

Yes! Our Ice Ball Mold is perfect for any occasion, from summer BBQs to quiet nights in. It adds a touch of elegance and sophistication to every drink.

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