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Liquor Pourer & Stainless Steel Wine Bottle Stopper

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Experience Elegance in Every Pour with Our Liquor Pourer and Stainless Steel Wine Bottle Stopper

Welcome to the realm of superior pouring precision with our Liquor Pourer for the Bartender, featuring 1/3pcs Cork Spout and a Stainless Steel Wine Bottle Stopper. This cocktail bar accessory tool is the perfect accompaniment for wine lovers, professional bartenders, or anyone eager to elevate their cocktail crafting skills. With a keen eye for design and practicality, our product ensures no drop of your favorite liquor goes to waste.

Efficient Liquor Pouring

Crafted for professionals and hobbyists alike, our Liquor Pourer gives you the control you need for an accurate pour every time. Experience no spilling, no dripping - just a smooth flow of your favorite spirits.

Durable and Elegant Design

The stainless steel wine bottle stopper is rust-proof and designed to last. Its elegant look adds a touch of sophistication to your bar setup, ensuring it's not just functional but also an attractive piece of your cocktail toolkit.

Multiple Cork Spout Pieces

With either 1 or 3 pcs cork spout options available, you can cater to various bottle sizes and types. Whether it's wine, whiskey, or a cocktail mix, there's a pourer suitable for every bottle.

Versatile Cocktail Bar Accessory

More than just a liquor pourer, this is a versatile tool for any home bar or professional establishment. It can also act as a wine stopper, ensuring the freshness of your beverage is preserved.

SpecificationsLiquor Pourer & Stainless Steel Wine Bottle Stopper

Material: Stainless steel spouts and rubber stopper
Applicable scene: Perfect for pubs and clubs as well as home bars
Length: Approx 10.5cm/4.4inch
Package Included: 1PC x Bottle Pourer OR 3PC x Bottle Pourer


What materials are the Liquor Pourer and Wine Bottle Stopper made of?

Our Liquor Pourer features a durable cork spout, while the Wine Bottle Stopper is crafted from rust-proof stainless steel for longevity.

Is the pourer suitable for different types of bottles?

Absolutely, the pourer is versatile and suitable for various bottle sizes and types, from wine to whiskey and cocktail mix bottles.

Can the pourer act as a stopper as well?

Yes, the pourer also functions as a wine stopper, helping preserve the freshness of your beverage when not in use.

How many cork spout pieces are included in the package?

You have the option to choose either 1 or 3 pcs cork spout according to your preference and needs.

How do I clean the Liquor Pourer and Wine Bottle Stopper?

Cleaning these tools is simple - just rinse with warm water and soap, and they're ready to use again. For the stainless steel stopper, avoid abrasive cleaners to keep its shine.


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